Rechargeable AA Lithium Batteries – Pre-Recharged 4 Pack with 2H Fast Charger for Household Devices, Long-Lasting High-Capacity 3500mWh, Cycle Times up to 1300x, Constant 1.5V for Security Camera

Price: $35.79 - $33.39
(as of Mar 18,2023 09:57:33 UTC – Details)

The CZVV 1.5V Rechargeable AA lithium battery is designed for use in household and business items like mice, keyboards, gamepads, remotes, toys, and more.

Ultra-High Capacity
High energy density in a small volume ensures maximum capacity.
Whether it is daily necessities or office devices, the large capacity escorts the endurance of devices significantly.

Fast Charge
The 4-Bay ultra-fast charger is here, fully recharged in just 2 hours.
Added a charging indicator design in the battery creatively.
While charging: the battery keeps the blue light on
When fully charged: The battery light turns off.
*Unauthorized use of other brand chargers may cause accidents. We recommended using CZVV Charger.

Cycle 1300s of Times
Cycle times to over 1300x, the combined value of a single battery exceeds 1000 ordinary dry batteries. All batteries are guaranteed to be pre-charged before leaving the factory. CZVV warrants these batteries to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

About Constant Output
We have noticed that for a long time, there has been a tangled question – why are the advantages of disposable and rechargeable batteries incompatible? The voltage of a rechargeable battery always drops gradually over time. When the rechargeable battery voltage is not high enough to wake the device, a new annoyance arises – why does the rechargeable battery always seem to fail to achieve the ideal battery life?
The key to solving this problem is how to keep the voltage of the rechargeable battery at a constant level.
A new generation of 1.5V constant voltage output AA rechargeable batteries is here. Equipped with short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, constant voltage control circuit, etc. – the CZVV laboratory has once again defined the smart chip technology in the battery field.

[Charge on the go] Exterior with the advanced Anti-static technology. Adopts the automotive industry grade CAN2.0 bus – greatly improve the transmission speed and providing you with a rapid charging experience. Supports up to 4-channels fast charging at the same time. Significantly reduces regular charging time – Reduce consumption and save money when used with CZVV 2023 Deluxe Collection Q022 Individual Portable Charger (Black Ver.). *Unauthorized use of other brand chargers may cause accidents
[Cycle 1300s of Times] Small Body, Big Power. Equipped with CZVV 1.5 volt constant voltage innovation technology, through the proper ratio of positive and negative materials, CZVV rechargeable AA batteries increase the cycle times by 30% compared to traditional rechargeable batteries. Spend Once, Hassle-Free Use.
[Wide Range of Applications] Compatible with most AA battery-powered device, AAA batteries are also available in stock. Thanks to the process characteristics of lithium-ion batteries – compared with the 30% self-discharge rate of Ni-MH batteries, the 23% rate of Ni-Cr batteries, the unique 1% rate of CZVV AA rechargeable batteries ensure the service life – which means the batteries still maintain 80% capacity after 36 months of non-use.
[What You Get?] CZVV Premium Lithium 3500mWh 1.5V AA Batteries(4 Count Pack), CZVV 2023 Deluxe Collection Q022 Individual Portable Charger (Black Ver.), Type-C Lightning Cable, User Guide, Batteries Storage Cases, our worry-free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

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