Glorious Gaming Mouse Grip Tape (Model D- (Minus))

Price: $14.99
(as of Mar 17,2023 20:08:33 UTC – Details)

Glorious Gaming Mouse Grip Tape (Model D- (Minus))
Textured slip-resistant design with sweat-wicking properties. Glorious Grip tape provides superior grip with your Glorious Gaming Mouse throughout long gaming sessions. Master flicks and wide swipes easily with our Mouse Grip Tapes.
0.5 mm low-profile thickness for optimal comfort. Does not add up to the size of your Glorious Gaming Mouse. You can get used to the same size, but now with a better grip.
Precut full-body design for easy application. Glorious Grip Tape covers the entire top and sides of our gaming mice. Provides same level of friction for both palm and claw grip style.
3M adhesive backing of the grip tapes sticks securely with our gaming mice.
Fits only Glorious Model D- (Minus). Won’t fit Model O, O-, and Model D.

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